Motive Power Products

Our innovative solutions – based on over years of experience – provide the industry’s most reliable backup power supply to critical business applications.

GTS Stationary Range

GASTON GTS & GTS-E range utilizes thick grids of modern technology so as to guarantee the design life up to 15 years. Advanced micro porous absorbent glass mat (AGM) separator, minimizing diffusion of oxygen into the separator.

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GT HR Range

HR (Hight Rate) range has been developed with high efficiency active materials to stimulate inside the battery with higher power output when the battery is discharged to a extent level. With high-density structure the inner resistance.

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GT C Range

Gaston GT-C range (deep cycle) is designed specially to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions, with heavy non-porous battery plate that is made of a different chemical for the plates active paste material.

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GT G Range

GT-G range applies the advanced GEL design and the purity fumed silica to form sulfuric acid thixotropic Gel, and fills the batteries with vacuum to ensure complete penetration of electrolyte through separators and plates pastes.

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GT EV Range

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